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Russian Infrastructure Attack Campaign

Google Claims It Knew CfA Ad Buy Didn’t Originate from Russian IRA

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google claims that it knew all along that an advertising purchase by a Washington-based watchdog group wasn’t really from the Russian Internet Research Agency, which is why it didn’t the block divisive ads.
Firefox 62

Firefox 62 Improves CSS Support for Developers, Fixes Bugs

Mozilla's latest web browser release provides new web standards support for developers, speed improvements on Windows and patches for nine security issues.
Daily Tech Briefing Sept. 6, 2018

Fileless Malware Attacks Are on the Rise, SentinelOne Finds VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: "Fileless" malware attacks are growing in number and sophistication, and Linux Torvalds says open source is the way to combat software complexity.
Demisto SOAR report

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Demand Set to Grow

A Demisto-sponsored study found that security operations centers are largely overwhelmed by the volume of alerts, which is helping to drive demand and awareness for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technologies.
Social Media Election Meddling

Social Media Execs Call for Government Help in Blocking Web Trolls

NEWS ANALYSIS: Two of three social media executives invited to testify at a Sept. 5 hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence say they need more help to keep foreign interference in U.S elections at bay.
BitSight Forecasting

BitSight Launches Forecasting Capability for Cyber-Risk

The new offering aims to help organizations predict how different technology and process changes will impact future cyber-risk.

IBM Identifies Ongoing FIN6 Attacks Against PoS Targets

IBM's X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) has identified sophisticated fileless attacks from a group known as FIN6, involving millions of unique credit cards.
Fileless malware attacks

‘Fileless’ Malware Attacks Growing in Number and Sophistication

NEWS ANALYSIS: Not all malware arrives on your computers as a virus or some other type of code secreted in a file, but instead manifests itself as a corruption of system services that make your operating system do the dirty work.
Government-Business Cyber Assistance

Five Ways Government Can Help Businesses Fight Nation-State Attacks

With an increasing number of hostile nations launching cyber-attacks against U.S. industries and critical infrastructure, cyber-security experts say it’s time for the government to provide more help to private business to help thwart these attacks.
Social Media, Privacy Regulation Legislation

Google Claims MasterCard Data Deal Doesn’t Violate Privacy Rights

Google says its Store Sales Measurement program allows advertisers to see how well their online ads are performing using aggregated and highly-anonymized data.
Jordan Kasper Defense Digital Service

How the Department of Defense Is Using Open Source

At the Open Source Summit, Jordan Kasper of the Defense Digital Service outlined why it makes sense for the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies to embrace the open-source model.
Daily Tech Briefing Sept. 4, 2018

Computer Screens Emit Sounds That Enable Eavesdropping VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Researchers discover that computer screens emit sounds that reveal data, and BlackBerry cuts features and lowers the KEY2 LE handset price to lure buyers.

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